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What to Consider in Paint Removal

Removing paints off from your furniture makes a fun DIY project. What a big difference a newly overhauled furniture makes in doing home improvements! Here are some of the most useful tips you can use if you are trying to remove paint from your wooden furniture.

Remove or Cover Sensitive Areas

Remove anything that will not get stripped of paint that can be removed (knobs, pulls, hinges, etc.) This will lighten up your work.

Using the heat gun and metal scrapers, remove as much paint as possible.

Heat gun, when applied to wood, can create fire. Before starting to use the heat gun, read manual first. Beginning with the gun, rotate to minimum wattage and hold afar from the furniture. Avoid pointing the gun in one place and shift slowly in a circular motion. You’ll notice that there is curling up of the paint. Gently scrape with a metal scraper in more difficult areas.

Proceed to Paint Strippers

Use a paint stripper to take off the rest after you have removed as much paint as possible with the heat gun. Transfer the furniture outside the house or into a well ventilated confined area.

Wear your safety equipment like gloves and respirator mask.

To shamble it up and make it easier for the stripper to work on the paint, do the sanding at the remaining paint lightly.

Using a correct paintbrush, apply the stripper; normally the directive on the stripper will inform you which kind to use.

A thin layer is then applied. For the stripper to soften the paint, wait the necessary amount of time.

Scrape the Softened Paint

A familiar dictum when using paint strippers is: Let the stripper make the effort. By this way, those strippers have a definite time that is needed to do its job. When the time is extended, the softened paint will set and this must be avoided.

Gentle scraping away is only needed for the remaining softened paint.

Why Choose Carpet Flooring For Stairs

Safety First

It doesn’t necessarily prevent falls just by using carpet on the stair although it aids to provide traction, unlike hardwood. It is slippery on the hard surfaces are and can easily lead to a fall. Carpet serves a much spongy landfall drop in comparison to wood flooring which could help cut the possibility of injury should a fall ever occur.

Be sure to consider the thickness of the carpet if you pick to use carpet your stairs. Opt for a low-pile carpet if safety is one of your main concerns because carpet that is too thick can be a tripping hazard.

Carpet Cleaning

Upon investing on new carpet, take up working on low-pile carpeting, simple to clean compared to high-pile carpeting. Carpet truly hold allergens, dust, and dead skin cells, it is important to use a high-quality vacuum on carpeted stairs.


Carpet absorbs sounds up to ten times better than hard flooring as carpet serves as a great insulator against sound. Carpet considerably enhances the feeling of well-being by creating a peaceful environment.


Carpet can be purchased cheaper than hardwood but should be installed by a professional installer since it almost always necessary due to the special tools required for the job. The lifespan of the material can be extended by a proper and continuous maintenance practice while carpet does need to be replaced every few years. Comparing to some kinds of hardwood flooring, this makes a good choice for the long-term cost of the carpet.

Appearance and Flow

Take into comparison for the other kinds of flooring you have if you prefer a cohesive look in your home. Carpeted stairs will flow better for homes with carpeting. A carpeted staircase can feel outdated and out of place if the home has wood flooring.

There are several details to take into deliberation when choosing on carpet material or wood material for your stairs. What applies to your home and family may not apply for some family thus, what makes your home distinctive reflects on your personal design.



Natural Stone For Flooring

Natural stone can be the ideal material when architecture is the aesthetic concern, paving the way and individuality is a unique selling point.

Natural stone offers the specifier more than just a material, it offers a story as quarried and mined from the earth, bearing a unique characteristic that is the result of complex geological processes. When embraced, this unique material can produce a wealth of options in both texture and color as no two pieces of natural stone will be exactly the same.

Each of which has slightly different properties, common natural stone flooring includes granite, marble, limestone, travertine, slate, and sandstone. In order to determine whether it is appropriate for a specific location, it’s important to understand the characteristics of the type of stone flooring tile you are purchasing.

Before purchasing natural stone tiles, there are factors that you should know about:

Grade. To rate the quality of materials, a number of retailers use a grading system. The grade of natural stone tile comprises the condition of the surface, size, shape, and thickness.

Absorption Rating. Refers to how porous a given material for absorption rating. The more susceptible it will be to stains, as well as cracking damage when subjected to freezing conditions, the more absorbent it is. With sandstone being the most porous to granite, virtually waterproof even when left unsealed natural stones vary greatly in their absorption rates.

The most porous natural stone material, in general, is sandstone. For materials that have medium absorbency, there’s travertine, limestone, and slate while relatively waterproof for granite. Compared to honed or cleft surfaces, polished materials also absorb less water.​

The coefficient of Friction. How slippery various materials are being measured. The more traction a tile will have means the higher the coefficient. This figure is especially principal in moist environments like bathrooms and kitchens, including also high- traffic commercial areas.

Indoor vs. Outdoor Rating. There is number of natural stone flooring materials that are more appropriate to outdoor applications than others. Taking into consideration of the factors above mentioned will be the basis whether a material should be utilized in an open-air environment.

Oxidation. Natural stone materials are manifested beneath the earth over millions of years. For this, it often includes a variety of disparate elements. Iron is present in these materials sometimes, which exhibits a bright red and amber hues on the surface of the stone. Those traces of iron can oxidize, an activity more commonly known as rusting will be the difficulty in an outdoor environment for this type of material.

How to Pick your Shower Door

As picky as you are on purchasing shoes, well you also should be when picking for a shower door. Why? Durability is one to consider. Pricey shoes are durable and will last longer than long as you take care of it. The same thing with a shower door. Whether you are the one to purchase for your new shower door or you are leaving the task to your contractor, why not check these easy steps before you swipe your plastic towards the nearest hardware store.

What’s your kinda bath? Shower, Pivot or Tub

Consider your bathroom space. For a narrow stall shower, it will be a right choice to pick a pivoting shower door. For a shower with bathtub, sliding tub door will do. Sliding shower door would be perfect if you’ve got spaciously wide shower stall.

Be Accurate in your Measurement

To ensure your shower doors will fit the space, take measurements as precise as possible of the shower opening. In selecting the fitting size, use the width at the widest point.

Inspect the Type of Shower Glass

There are different types of glass for the shower door. It’s best to pick the style of glass that suits you. Pick a glass with a pattern or texture if you are after your privacy. Still, clear glass is a quintessential choice and it will suit you if there is natural light from a nearby window that stimulates your morning bath.

Bathroom Coordination

Inspect carefully your bathroom and from there you decide whether you want your shower door hardware and follow to match the finishes already on arrange. If you are not budget constrained, it’s probable that picking your new shower door will be the focal point where you have to uplift and change the rest of your bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Layout-it-out before Buying

Design tools are available online to try different layout for you to find the best shower door instead of the usual imaginative way.