Cheap Epoxy Flooring
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Cheap Epoxy Flooring

Installing an epoxy flooring system in your home and business will ensure that you have a durable, tough, beautiful and long-lasting floor. Browsing through the Internet you will find varied epoxy flooring costs. Is it worth it to invest in cheap epoxy flooring?

Cheap epoxy flooring is available in the form of DIY epoxy flooring kits you can find in home improvement stores. Epoxy flooring companies offering inferior epoxy flooring installations also come up with cheap costs.

Epoxy flooring installation is a 3-step process:

  • Proper preparation of the concrete surface 
  • Proper mixing of the resin and hardener to create a durable epoxy material
  •  Right epoxy floor installation. 

It is a must to use top quality products in each of these processes. It is also a must to use the right techniques.

Cheap Epoxy Flooring

Do-It-Yourself Epoxy Kits

The best Do-It-Yourself epoxy kits are not what you think they are even when marketed by reliable manufacturers. 

These epoxy kits come in eye-catching packages and include the epoxy coating, etch cleaner solution and some color flakes. The kit does not include everything you need for an epoxy flooring installation but it is good enough to get you started with your project.

The problem with Epoxy Kits is they include low-end products in terms of durability, quality, and performance. Their main selling point is to allow you to install by yourself cheap epoxy flooring.

Inferior Quality Materials

If you think hiring a professional epoxy flooring company will ensure that you get a top-quality epoxy flooring system, you may be in for a big surprise. Doing some research will show that most epoxy flooring companies have almost similar prices.

The difference in price may sometimes be due to the additional service they provide, the epoxy coating manufacturers they work with and the premium on their level of expertise.

If a professional epoxy flooring company offers you a relatively cheap epoxy flooring quote, do more research on how they go about with the epoxy flooring installation processes. They may be cutting corners on some of the process to save on time and costs.

If you opt for cheap epoxy flooring, be aware that you only get what you pay for.