How to Pick your Shower Door
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How to Pick your Shower Door

As picky as you are on purchasing shoes, well you also should be when picking for a shower door. Why? Durability is one to consider. Pricey shoes are durable and will last longer than long as you take care of it. The same thing with a shower door. Whether you are the one to purchase for your new shower door or you are leaving the task to your contractor, why not check these easy steps before you swipe your plastic towards the nearest hardware store.

What’s your kinda bath? Shower, Pivot or Tub

Consider your bathroom space. For a narrow stall shower, it will be a right choice to pick a pivoting shower door. For a shower with bathtub, sliding tub door will do. Sliding shower door would be perfect if you’ve got spaciously wide shower stall.

Be Accurate in your Measurement

To ensure your shower doors will fit the space, take measurements as precise as possible of the shower opening. In selecting the fitting size, use the width at the widest point.

How to Pick your Shower Door

Inspect the Type of Shower Glass

There are different types of glass for the shower door. It’s best to pick the style of glass that suits you. Pick a glass with a pattern or texture if you are after your privacy. Still, clear glass is a quintessential choice and it will suit you if there is natural light from a nearby window that stimulates your morning bath.

Bathroom Coordination

Inspect carefully your bathroom and from there you decide whether you want your shower door hardware and follow to match the finishes already on arrange. If you are not budget constrained, it’s probable that picking your new shower door will be the focal point where you have to uplift and change the rest of your bathroom fixtures and accessories.

Layout-it-out before Buying

Design tools are available online to try different layout for you to find the best shower door instead of the usual imaginative way.