What to Consider in Paint Removal
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What to Consider in Paint Removal

Removing paints off from your furniture makes a fun DIY project. What a big difference a newly overhauled furniture makes in doing home improvements! Here are some of the most useful tips you can use if you are trying to remove paint from your wooden furniture.

Remove or Cover Sensitive Areas

Remove anything that will not get stripped of paint that can be removed (knobs, pulls, hinges, etc.) This will lighten up your work.

Using the heat gun and metal scrapers, remove as much paint as possible.

Heat gun, when applied to wood, can create fire. Before starting to use the heat gun, read manual first. Beginning with the gun, rotate to minimum wattage and hold afar from the furniture. Avoid pointing the gun in one place and shift slowly in a circular motion. You’ll notice that there is curling up of the paint. Gently scrape with a metal scraper in more difficult areas. Click here for more application in detail about paint removing.

What to Consider in Paint Removal

Proceed to Paint Strippers

Use a paint stripper to take off the rest after you have removed as much paint as possible with the heat gun. Transfer the furniture outside the house or into a well ventilated confined area.

Wear your safety equipment like gloves and respirator mask.

To shamble it up and make it easier for the stripper to work on the paint, do the sanding at the remaining paint lightly.

Using a correct paintbrush, apply the stripper; normally the directive on the stripper will inform you which kind to use.

A thin layer is then applied. For the stripper to soften the paint, wait the necessary amount of time.

Scrape the Softened Paint

A familiar dictum when using paint strippers is: Let the stripper make the effort. By this way, those strippers have a definite time that is needed to do its job. When the time is extended, the softened paint will set and this must be avoided.

Gentle scraping away is only needed for the remaining softened paint.