FRP Pipe leaking repair
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What To Do If FRP Pipe Starts Leaking?

Though FRP pipes and products are durable and deliver optimum performance throughout their life; but sometimes if any damage causes leakage to these pipes, you can fix it by following certain steps. These steps can also be followed by professionals in the case of GRE and GRP pipes that have high mechanical strength. In this article, experts dealing with FRP profiles will explain the best ways to repair leakage in FRP pipes. You have to follow their guidelines step-wise for the best results.

Surface preparation of damaged section of the pipe:

Prior starting any repair works, it is important to shut off or reduce the pressure and temperature of the pipeline as much as possible. The case of GRP or FRP pipe is different and you have to handle these pipes differently from steel or metal pipes. You have to consider the surface roughness and cleanliness in case of FRP. Prepare the pipe surface roughness to approx 60 microns by using inscribe lines method on the surface of FRP pipe in distinct directions. This can help the adhesion of epoxy coating to attain high bonding strength.

Start with pipe leak repair works:

Prepare a right amount of underwater epoxy stick and suitable length of SS pipe clip. Mix the epoxy stick and fix the pipe clip beside the pipe leak. Slide the clip and fasten the fasteners of clip on the leakage area. This will stop the leakage completely.

Reconstruction of affected pipe section:

When the leakage in the pipe has been stopped, you can apply the epoxy resin coating over the pipe section. The thickness and length of the applied epoxy resin should be measured to fit in the pipeline operating conditions. Let the epoxy resin sit for 4 hours to achieve sufficient bonding strength with the substrate.

Composite pipe wrapping:

Apply suitable reinforcement laminates to the section. During pipe wrapping, start using FRP Tape 100mm to 200mm before the leak area. Perform wrapping tightly in one direction.

Repair inspection:

Give the repaired area proper time to be cured. Once the repairing job is over, you can inspect the pipe and check if the repaired system can be operated back to normal operating conditions.

In this way, you can fix your leaking FRP Pipes with the help of an expert. If you still have any issues or want to ask anything from the product manufacturers, you can share your thoughts in the comment section below.