Why Choose Carpet Flooring For Stairs
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Why Choose Carpet Flooring For Stairs

Safety First

It doesn’t necessarily prevent falls just by using carpet on the stair although it aids to provide traction, unlike hardwood. It is slippery on the hard surfaces are and can easily lead to a fall. Carpet serves a much spongy landfall drop in comparison to wood flooring which could help cut the possibility of injury should a fall ever occur.

Be sure to consider the thickness of the carpet if you pick to use carpet your stairs. Opt for a low-pile carpet if safety is one of your main concerns because carpet that is too thick can be a tripping hazard.

Carpet Cleaning

Upon investing on new carpet, take up working on low-pile carpeting, simple to clean compared to high-pile carpeting. Carpet truly hold allergens, dust, and dead skin cells, it is important to use a high-quality vacuum on carpeted stairs.

Why Choose Carpet Flooring For Stairs


Carpet absorbs sounds up to ten times better than hard flooring as carpet serves as a great insulator against sound. Carpet considerably enhances the feeling of well-being by creating a peaceful environment.


Carpet can be purchased cheaper than hardwood but should be installed by a professional installer since it almost always necessary due to the special tools required for the job. The lifespan of the material can be extended by a proper and continuous maintenance practice while carpet does need to be replaced every few years. Comparing to some kinds of hardwood flooring, this makes a good choice for the long-term cost of the carpet.

Appearance and Flow

Take into comparison for the other kinds of flooring you have if you prefer a cohesive look in your home. Carpeted stairs will flow better for homes with carpeting. A carpeted staircase can feel outdated and out of place if the home has wood flooring.

There are several details to take into deliberation when choosing on carpet material or wood material for your stairs. What applies to your home and family may not apply for some family thus, what makes your home distinctive reflects on your personal design.